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When a split system unit is not regularly cleaned and serviced it becomes prone to dust build up and is a breeding ground for bacteria. As the bacteria continues to grow on the coils, fans and filters of the air conditioner, the contaminants begin to affect the overall air quality resulting in harmful allergens being circulated through the room. These allergens are especially harmful to individuals who suffer from asthma, hay fever, sinus problems, eczema and other health problems. A build-up of dirt and dust on the filter and in the coils will also cause an increase in power consumption which will result in an increase in your power bill.

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Split system deep clean includes the following:

  • Front fascia and filters
    removed for clean & sanitise
  • Specialised catchment bag and plastic sheeting applied to aircon to commerce mess free deep clean
  • Inspect and disinfect drain pan and drain line.
  • Inspect & Sanitise indoor internal coil to remove grime, dirt and mould.
  • Inspect & sanitise indoor barrel fan to remove grime, dirt and mould
  • Pressure wash the internal coil, barrel fan and drain pan removing all grime, dirt and mould
  • Test drain for operation
  • Dry front fascia and filters before reinstating them
  • Apply tea tree antimicrobial onto the internal coil and filters (prevents the growth of mould)
  • Inspect and clean outdoor unit if accessible (ground level)
  • Test unit for operation on completion and clean up surrounding area
  • Replacement of air-conditioners remote batteries if required.
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