Can I Claim it on insurance?

Please contact your insurance company regarding the possibility of insurance claims. We do not bill insurance companies direct and Service Call fees are due and payable onsite on the day.

How can I pay?

We accept cash, credit card (MasterCard or Visa), or EFTPOS onsite. All jobs must be paid for in full on completion of the job.
Please note that if you pay by credit card it will incur a 2.5% surcharge. Using EFTPOS is FREE

What time will they be here?

Most appointments come with a 4 hour window. This takes into account driving distances, traffic, job types, etc. If you find that it is still difficult to book in a job consider:

  • Technicians can call you before arrival so that you can meet the Technician onsite. Please understand, however, that you must answer your phone as the technician will assume you are not onsite and will therefore continue to their next job.
  • Request a ‘First-up Job’. These appointments are always the first to go so you may have to wait a few days for availability. Please note that a First-up job can not be accommodated for in certain areas where traffic and parking availability is not conducive to the flow of the technicians run.

Do I pay a Service Call fee if a machine is not worth repairing or I decide to reject a quote for repair/replacement?

Yes. It is a fact that sometimes a machine will be uneconomical to repair. Technicians can generally diagnose whether or not a machine is uneconomical to repair in the first 1/4 hour. However, do not waste the opportunity to take advantage of the technician’s knowledge of new units. We can arrange for a generous discount on a new machine through some of our Service Partners.

Is it worth repairing?

If you are unsure, we recommend that you take a look at the general condition of the machine. Appliances are complex electrical devices and, without a full diagnosis, we can usually not provide accurate advice over the phone. Generally, machines are worth repairing if the cost to replace them is more than the repair. Some times with older machines the repair could work out to cost more than a new machine, and in such circumstances the technician may recommend to you to purchase a new machine instead of doing the repairs.

Will the technician have the part with him?

All vehicles are stocked with a large variety of common stock. We try to carry as many parts in our vehicles as possible to prevent return calls that can inconvenience both parties. Our technicians confirm their jobs the day prior to the Service Call and stock more specific appropriate parts if required. The more information that you give us when booking in a job, the better the chances are of having parts. We will not charge you a second Service Call fee if we do not have a part onsite. With the large variety of brands available and continuous re-releases of models, we cannot guarantee that we will have all parts available on hand all of the time. PCB (printed circuit boards) and other specific electrical parts will not always be in stock and may have to be ordered as the warranty for such parts commences when we purchase the item.